Willowtail Springs

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Things To Do At Willowtail Springs

Willowtail Vacations & Residencies

Play, rest, meditate, and rejuvenate in the magic of Willowtail Springs. Visitors are often so enchanted by the beauty of the land that they don’t leave the property during their entire stay. There’s no need to, as Willowtail has so much to offer, from stunning scenery to endless activities. You may find it impossible to tear yourself away from Willowtail’s other-worldly serenity.

The Top Eight Things to Do at Willowtail Springs

Willowtail Gardens

Lush gardens are sprinkled about the grounds at Willowtail Springs. Guests enjoy exploring, often finding their own special place. Hammocks, benches and swings can be found throughout the gardens. The hot tub resides on a rock outcropping near the lake with patio and lounges. Tables and chairs placed in the middle of the gardens provide idyllic spaces for writing, reading or even computer work. Paths weave from the cabins through the gardens to the wildlife ponds and into more wilderness areas.


“The gardens make you feel as if you’ve traveled overseas to some garden of the lords.”
–David, Aurora, CO

“Such a serene and purposeful spot”
–Amy, Tucson, AZ

“There is living art here … past, present and future converged.”
–Vicki & John

“Your beautiful and charming property more than exceeded our expectations. Our only regret is that our stay was so short”
–Kathryn, Surprise, AZ

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Classes and  Workshops at Willowtail Springs

Willowtail Springs offers several classes and workshops throughout the year, varying in length.

They are taught by professionals in their field; classes are hosted by Willowtail Springs, and workshops are put on by the presenters.

For more information, please visit our Classes & Workshops page.




Lee Cloy – Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi involves a series of slow, meditative movements. They were originally for self-defense but they also promote inner peace. Tai Chi as an “internal “ martial art has long been practiced and recognized by many world cultures for many reasons. Its tremendous ­fitness, dexterity, balance, mental clarity and focus, especially beneficial as we age and these qualities begin to diminish. It is also increase flexibility, strengthen the muscles, and is considered an aid in many illnesses.

Lee Cloy has 40 years of experience in many types of martial arts, with emphasis on Tai Chi for the last 25 years. As a Master of these arts, and through the combination of his own skills in several styles, Lee’s Tai Chi has evolved into a unique form. He places focus on bringing about healing and regeneration in both body and spirit.

Schedule with Lee before or during your stay
Rate: $50 per hour for one – two private students
Questions: Lee Cloy. 970-946-3969 or email: lee@willowtailsprings.com


Nature Walk Tour

Willowtail Springs 60 acre private land has lots to see. Rate: $50 donation to Willowtail.org for one – two hours
This is Popular with Vacation Guests and Resident Artists
Questions: Lee Cloy. 970-946-3969 or email: lee@willowtailsprings.com




Fishing and Boating

wtsfishing-128Willowtail Springs is fishing heaven for those with any level of skill. Our private lake is stocked with brown trout, rainbow trout, large mouthed bass, and sunfish, plus grass carp to keep the lake clean and healthy. We are a Catch and Release site, so we use barb-less hooks. The large-mouthed bass seem to bite at almost anything, which is fabulous instant gratification for children or adults new to the sport. Our fish are “on staff”. We find guests have a time getting their families off to see local sites because the lake and the boats are such entertainment. We have two canoes and a rowboat for guests to use, plus casting rods and lures.

Since we own the private lake, you do not need a fishing license for any fishing you do here at Willowtail Springs.

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Bird watching at Willowtail Springs

Many of our guests come here specifically to watch the many varieties of birds, others find they cannot resist once they have arrived. Here you can listen to the owls calling to one another. Owl species you may encounter are Great Horned, Flammulated, Long-eared, Western Screech, and an occasional Barn Owl.

As Seen at Willowtail Springs

Steller’s Jay, Female Summer Tanager [yellow belly, green back], Turkey Vulture, Acorn Woodpecker, Nuthatch, Female Oriole [gray vest and white wing bars], American Kestrel, Grey-headed Junco, Ring-necked Duck, Red-winged Blackbird, Kestrel, Pintail, Yellow-headed Blackbird, Black-capped Chickadee, Meadowlark, Canada Goose, Say’s Phoebe, Golden Eagle, Raven, Sharp-shinned Hawk, Great Horned Owl, Night Hawks, Crow, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, Mountain Bluebird, Magpie, Coots, Mallard, Snowy Egret, Cattle Egret, Mourning Dove, Robin, Finch, Oriole, Flicker, Great Blue Heron, Kingfisher, Peregrine Hawk, Harrier Hawk, Hummingbirds, Townsend’s Solitaire (eats juniper berries), American Robin, Ruby-crowned Kinglet (migrant, insect eater), White-Crowned Sparrow (migrant or winter only), Chipping Sparrow (summer or migrant), Mountain Chickadee (mostly winter), Bewick’s Wren (mostly summer), Pine Siskin (winter), Junco (winter) and many non-migratory birds such as: Song Sparrow, Black-capped Chickadee, Western Scrub-jay, Spotted Towhee, Black-billed Magpie, Common Raven, Downy Woodpecker, Hairy Woodpecker, White-breasted Nuthatch, Bushtit, Dark-eyed and Pinion Jay.

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Scholarship-Funded Residencies at Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center

Willowtail Springs is a unique property, offering one to two weeks residencies that have a special appeal to artists. Sixty acres tucked away in the high, alpine desert of the Four Corners Region writers come to put the finishing touches on novels, musicians practice, compose and rehearse, visual artists paint, draw, and photograph, but most of all Willowtail Springs Nature Preserve and Education Center offer a quieter space to inspire, to create, and to reflect. visit willowtail.org for more information.




Aqueduct Trail System
(.5 miles to the trailhead)

aqueduct-trail-systemThe newest trail system in Mancos! In 2023, Mancos Trails Group along with the BLM completed construction on 12.4-mile trail system. The Aqueduct Trails are multi-use non-motorized trails featuring beginner and intermediate trails through pinyon, juniper and sage with big views of Mesa Verde, the Sleeping Ute and the La Plata mountains. Hikers, bikers, dog walkers, horseback riders and class 1 e-bikers are welcome.




There are many other places to see and experience in the area, so please don’t be afraid to venture off-property!
Our SW Colorado Vacations Guide can help you plan your next adventure.