Lakehouse log cabin with pinon privacy Fall foliage with lake reflections and magnificent mountains Bungalow cabin living room with vintage furniture and South Eye window Cozy privacy corner in bungalow log cabin on lake Hot tub for two with seating over Willowtail Springs private lake Successful release of adolescent golden eagle through the CO Division of Wildlife Garden Cottage cabin master bedroom with views to private gardens Gorgeous iris gardens leading to Garden Cottage cabin in spring Sunrise over private Willowtail Springs lake and background forests of pinon, ponderosa, cedar Lakehouse cabin living room and chaise lounge overlooking lake and mountains Pathways to Willowtail Springs adventures and beautiful views Lush pathways with wrought iron steps leading to Lakehouse and Bungalow Aspen in fall in San Juan mountains very close to Willowtail Springs Your hosts, Peggy and Lee, on Lakehouse deck with pastel painting

Land, Water and Wildlife Conservation

LeeOnStumpStewardship of the land continues to be our passion, our meditation, our breath and our practice. Willowtail Springs has become a wildlife property, bird sanctuary and a water wonderland. Enjoy the abundance we have created together with nature. We are the “neighborhood crazies” who gambled our energy and our savings to rescue our pinion and ponderosa from a massive infestation of the Ips bark beetle several years ago.

Much research, four years of work, lack of resources and no guarantee of success were facing us. However with the help of the State Entomologist, Dave Letherman, and many others, 7,800 pinion and ponderosa trees in our ancient pinion and juniper forest are still alive and well serving as home to birds, other wildlife and humans.

"The storm and dense rainbow was fantastic! My favorite part of this Southwest corner
has been seen right here."
–Joy, W. Stockbridge, MA

We have several water sources–all precious and abundant. With a background in engineering, Lee is a “water wizard” who makes our water stretch as far as it can.

There are many paths and trails through the property–some wild, some mild. Surrounded by other properties, some private and some public, including BLM land where further exploration is encouraged. We have also planted many new native species of grasses, bushes and flowers in an already beautiful land.

Please come and enjoy the place we have created. Wander through cultivated perennial gardens, in woods, streams, meadows and rock outcroppings. Take time to appreciate nature's small vignettes and miracles of design as well as her larger magnificence.

 "You leave us full of the forgotten and overlooked Colorado–mist-covered lake and mystery."
–Carolyn & friends

"We were touched by your gracious property. It is divine.
Your creative sensitivity is evident everywhere without intruding."

–Karen and Robert, Centereach, NY

"Loved the waterfall at the end of one of those paths."
–Melissa, Rockwall,TX

"You have created an oasis without trampling on the magical land."
–Joanie and Peter, Tulsa, OK

"Lovely gardens, fabulous views, limitless stars at night which we cannot see in the city."
–Penny and Family, Dallas, TX

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Spring rain whistles.
Mounds of grass
Mingle feathered hushes.

Insights come into the flesh
Before the mind,
Settling into the heart
Before it can catch its breath.

Peggy Cloy

Old dock bones
Rest on reflected images
Laden with the trails of birds,
Of dragonflies and cattails.

Lines cast the lake's length,
Throw remembrances
Into the depths.

Peggy Cloy

Ancient oak,
Felled in a faraway field,
Centuries before,

Peggy Cloy


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