Willowtail Springs

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Boating & Fishing at Willowtail Springs

Willowtail Springs is fishing fun for any level of skill. Our private lake is stocked with brown trout, (latest length this year 20″) rainbow trout, large mouthed bass and sunfish, plus grass carp to keep the lake clean and healthy. We are a catch and release site so we use barbless hooks. The large mouthed bass seem to bite at almost anything, which is fabulous instant gratification for children or adults new to the sport. Lee says our fish are “on staff”. We find guests have a time getting their families off to see local sites because the lake and the boats are such entertainment. Fly fishing is wonderful for the trout although they can also be caught with a casting rod. We have two canoes and a rowboat for guests to use plus casting rods and lures. You can also, of course, bring your own gear.

Since we own the private lake, you do not need a fishing license for any fishing you do at Willowtail Springs.

Contact us if you need a lesson, we have people who will come and teach you how to get started.