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Willowtail Springs

RESERVATIONS:  Online  |  (800) 698-0603  |  bookings@willowtailsprings.com

Classes & Workshops

Willowtail Presents

New Series:
Willowtail Presents in partnership with the Mancos Library 

Dan Groth, Painter, Printmaker, Poet, mixed media

Automatic Drawing and Painting
Sunday April 30, 2017
10:00-4:00 pm , Mancos Library


Willowtail Springs Artist ClassDescription: Automism is a term used to describe a process wherein the artist suppresses conscious control over the making process, allowing the unconscious mind to have great sway. This workshop will explore experimental autonomic drawing and painting as a means to expand creative approach. $60 for the class

David Holub, Writer, Playwright, Editor, DGO Magazine

We’re All Storytellers: A Creative Non-Fiction Workshop, Saturday May 6, 2017
10am-4:00pm, Mancos Library

DAVID HOLUB at Willowtail Presents

Description: For this workshop, each participant will submit one manuscript of no more than 10 pages to be read and critiqued by David Holub in advance. During the workshop, we will discuss the elements of what makes for a good story: voice, structure, organization, conflict, tension, etc.
$60 for the class



Deborah Sussex, Photographer, Pastel Painter,

Photography, Sunday May 7, 2017
10am – 4:00pm, Mancos Library

deborah sussex at willowtail springs

Description: Artist & photographer Deborah Sussex will help students explore the art of painting with pastels through short demonstrations, emphasizing particular principles and guided exercises. Students will enjoy discussions about materials, color use, generating sketches, and how to compose a painting. Pastel Painting – Discovering your Artistic Spirit is open to artist of all levels.
$60 for the class

Dates: May 7, 2017
Mancos Library
“You have a very nice way of encouragement about you.  You have an ability to present a compliment and constructive criticism in a seamless manner.”  –Carissa Hewitt, Durango
“Thank you for your enthusiastic teaching. I love your positive, humorous and gentle way. I’m looking forward to the next session!”  -Sharon Rust, Durango
“You are a great teacher of ART!  I really enjoyed your class and you are clear and encouraging.”
-Cate Smock, Durango
“I really loved your teaching style and I appreciated your demonstrations.  You were nonjudgmental, and willing to explain the basics. I would highly recommend you as a teacher!”  -Jesse Hutt, M.D., Durango
Reservations and payment due by: April 20, 2017
Pay with credit card, email online, phone or by mail to:
Willowtail Springs, PO Box 89. Mancos, CO, 81328
Questions: Peggy Cloy. 970-560-0333 or email, peggy@willowtailsprings.com
Materials list for Deborah’s Class:

Crystal Hartman, Painter, Jeweler, Printmaker

Drawing, Saturday June, 3, 2017
10am – 4:00pm, Mancos Library

Crystal at Willowtail SpringsCrystal at Willowtail

In this workshop we will explore concept and storytelling in drawing, train our eyes to see form, contrast, details and truth.
Warming up to the bliss of observation, we discuss and dive into materials, line, contrast, color.
We will play with imagery as symbolism, metaphor and imagery. We will practice eye games, content development and mark making as means for storytelling in the arts.
We will develop our dreams and voices in visual expression and practice making conscious decisions in our creative work and the stories we tell.

“Art is the expression of the invisible by means of the visible.” Fromentin

Paper-Sketchbook, Newsprint, Tracing Paper, Drawing Paper, Rives BFK
Pencils- hard and soft, pencil sharpeners, gummy eraser, hard eraser
Ink-Black, White and color
Charcoal and Soft White Pastels

Additional scheduled classes and presentations
Tammi Hartung, well known herbalisy, writer, Owner of Desert Canyon Farms

Lee Cloy, Tai Chi Chuan,

Sensing Hands and the Form both left and right

Schedule with Lee before or during your stay
Rate: $50 per hour for one – two private students
Questions: Lee Cloy. 970-946-3969 or email: lee@willowtailsprings.comLee Teaching at Willowtail Springs

Lee Willowtail Springs
Lee Cloy, Nature Walks on Willowtail Springs Land
Rate: $50 donation to Willowtail.org for one – two hours
Both of these are extremely popular with Vacation Guests and Resident Artists
Questions: Lee Cloy. 970-946-3969 or email: lee@willowtailsprings.com

Peggy Cloy at Willowtail Springs
Peggy Cloy, Painter, Sculptor, Poet

one hour critique of your current work and suggestions for moving forward more effectively.
Schedule ahead of your stay or after your arrival
Cost: $50 donation to Willowtail.org
Questions: Peggy Cloy, 970-560-0333 or email: peggy@willowtailsprings.com

Pending Classes and Workshops:

Ilze Aviks, Fabric and Experimental photography and printing
David Leatherman, Retired Entomologist for the State of Colorado, Ornithologist, Writer, Photographer

Fees to reserve a spot are paid to Willowtail Springs.  This can be done by credit card over the phone, by email or a check mailed to Willowtail Springs, PO Box 89, Mancos CO, 81328 . These classes/workshops are not, at this time, funded through the 501c3 organization, Willowtail.org. They are funded by the group/teacher/presenter/offering the class/workshop, seminar and through student fees, private sponsorship or grants.
5.2% will be charged for sales and lodging tax for any organization who is not a 501c3.

Both Workshops, Classes and Seminars are interactive sessions run by a presenter/presenters/group facilitator or teacher.
They can also range from one day and two nights to several days and nights.
Individual Retreats more closely resemble self-funded residencies to work, research individually.

Classes & Workshops:

Willowtail Springs offers classes throughout the year. These usually vary from one day to five days or longer.

The classes and workshops are taught by professionals in their field including the visual arts, writing, poetry, music, theatre, filmmaking, gardening, landscape design, plus the sciences, including: ecology, conservation, wildlife, water, air, forests, math, astronomy and land, Tai Chi and nature walks, to name a few.

Both the cost of teaching and of property rental for these classes is funded by the individuals who take these classes.This cost includes the instructor fees, leasing of the cabins [if you are staying overnight] and any supplies needed.

Susan Reed, Well-known Painter, Teacher and Designer, 2016


“I absolutely LOVED my experience at Willowtail Springs…starting with our wonderful host and hostess.  The accommodations were exceptional…so beautifully decorated and comfortable. The only problem for me was that it was over too soon.  Time flies when you’re having fun.”
Carole, Cortez, CO.