Lakehouse log cabin with pinon privacy Fall foliage with lake reflections and magnificent mountains Bungalow cabin living room with vintage furniture and South Eye window Cozy privacy corner in bungalow log cabin on lake Hot tub for two with seating over Willowtail Springs private lake Successful release of adolescent golden eagle through the CO Division of Wildlife Garden Cottage cabin master bedroom with views to private gardens Gorgeous iris gardens leading to Garden Cottage cabin in spring Sunrise over private Willowtail Springs lake and background forests of pinon, ponderosa, cedar Lakehouse cabin living room and chaise lounge overlooking lake and mountains Pathways to Willowtail Springs adventures and beautiful views Lush pathways with wrought iron steps leading to Lakehouse and Bungalow Aspen in fall in San Juan mountains very close to Willowtail Springs Your hosts, Peggy and Lee, on Lakehouse deck with pastel painting

Fishing at Willowtail Springs

Willowtail Springs is fishing fun for any level of skill.  Our private lake is stocked with brown trout, [latest length this year 20"] rainbow trout,large mouthed bass and sunfish, plus grass carp to keep the lake clean and healthy.  We are a catch and release site so we use barbless hooks. The large mouthed bass seem to bite at almost anything, which is fabulous instant gratification for children or adults new to the sport. Lee says our fish are "on staff".  We find guests have a time getting their families off to see local sites because the lake and the boats are such entertainment. Fly fishing is wonderful for the trout although they can also be caught with a casting rod.  We have two canoes and a rowboat for guests to use plus casting rods and lures.  You can also, of course, bring your own gear.

Since we own the private lake, you do not need a fishing license for any fishing at you do at Willowtail Springs.

If you need a lesson, we have people who will come and teach you how to get started.  Call us about this option.

"Fishing is very good. 24 and counting."
Sonja and Tony, Sedona. AZ

""An amazing surprise tucked away in Colorado.  The Garden Cottage is like something out of a storybook.  PS We caught 53 fish."
Bob, Oro Valley, AZ

"Absolutely fabulous!  Fishing great!!!"
Jane and Family, York, England

"Delightful, delicious, relaxing, rejuvenating....and fantastic fishing."
Dave and Carrie, Potland, OR

"Keep those bass fed.  The fishing is great!"
Jim and Jane, Phoenix, AZ

"What a great spot! As expected we've come to the end of our stay and the boys do NOT want to leave.  Either we leave them with you to fish the lake everyday or else I have dig a fish pond at home..."
Brian and Family, Rochester, NM

"I kot my ferst fish. Thank you."

The children will talk about the fishing for years. What a wonderful way for father and daughters to spend time together."
Renee and Family, North Platt, Nebraska

"Loved our little cabin and your warm hospitality.  The children caught their first fish and slept on the deck listening to owls. Paradise found." Lundbergs, Eugene, Oregon

If you want a guide for fishing in the area, we have supplied a list of people we have used in the past for our guests.
There are many areas of water close by which also offer great fly fishing as well as casting. 

Call us if you want a private lesson at Willowtail Springs.  We have wonderful people who love to come here and show guests some of the pointers of fly fishing.

You can also choose a day of guided fishing expeditions in the area.
The following are two of the best .




Some of the many areas close by to explore for fishing and boating:

McPhee Reservoir
The second largest body of water in Colorado, has both warm water and cold water fishing, swimming and boating

Naraguinnepp Reservoir
Take a boat or a fishing rod or just a picnic

Navajo Lake

Dolores River

Animas River

San Juan River


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